An assertion made about a Subject.


A relationship between the identity agent user and an Other. It is represented by one or more other Contexts.


A Context is a container of data about a connection that is written to or read from by an app, website or identity agent. This data may have been input by the user, sensed by the site/app or generated by the site/app (see the Personal Data section for definitions of these categories).

Identity Agent

A software app installed on the user’s edge device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) that interacts with Mee-compatible other parties’s apps, websites and/or agents.


An app or website offered by a service provider, the relying party, that is interoperable with the Mee identity agent. In addition, the Mee user’s information involved in a data sharing connection to this relying party is subject to the terms of a valid Human Information License agreement.


An app, website or agent offered by another party that is interoperable with the Mee identity agent. That is, there is at least one protocol that both can speak. We make one exception: form filling (and password managers that rely on form filling) don’t count as a procotol for the purpose of this definition.


A kind of Subject that is the other party in a direct communication between the agent and the agent/site/app of this other party. To follow popular convention we often call this the Relying Party (RP) although this term implies a lack of symmetry that doesn’t exist in peer-to-peer interactions, between two people.


A kind of Subject that represents a natural person.


A communication protocol used between the agent and an endpoint provided by another party


A thing about which Claims are made.